Wingsters Restaurant

The concept for Wingsters was achieved through a precise analysis of the site & through the aesthetic intentions of our client: “An informal industrial environment that serves wings & beer”. The main idea was to develop the preconception of primary views, the adjacency between interior and exterior (the terrace) and the circulation of the staff and diners. Modules of prefabricated stacked concrete are used to divide the diner’s area from the private services. A great folding window links the terrace to the interior. The seating spaces were approached through a main core of hanging communal tables, and two lateral linear cores of individual tables. Concrete, metal and rammed earth walls give the primary materiality for the aesthetic intention of this project. Revealing the structure was one of our primary premises in order to gain the most possible height. The main access functions as a filter and a transition area, that presents an installation of hanging white rubber chickens.

TYPE 02 Interior ArchitectureSTATUS Ongoing CLIENT Daniel Garcia
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