Urban Agriculture and Water Management System for Resilience

In collaboration with: Roxana Aguilera, Sarai Aquino, Paulina Sacre, Oscar Gomez.

At the southern shoreline of Mexico rests a rural city with one of the most provocative histories in Guerrero. Today this region is considered the poorest in the area, it suffers from recurrent floods. Top-down regulations were responsible for environmental inequalities. The aim of the project is to develop resilience by channeling the sabana river, & the activation of a local economy through a community based system of local production that integrates education & agriculture.This project explores the parallel recovery and remediation of landscape & hydrology through time. The program consists on the creation of a self-sufficient system of urban agriculture and water management. The project envisions the recovery of a rural city affected by constant natural disasters and irresponsible urban interventions.

TYPE 04 Research & CompetitionsSTATUS SubmittedCLIENT Holcim Ltd
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