Ferrocarril avenue competition

The competition challenge consists on developing a linear park in a 5km abandoned railway. The line travels through different economical & typological standards.

Our concept “Outside the Line” manifests that in order to create a coherent urban intervention it is fundamental to turn our heads to the adjacent context in oppose to solve an isolated element.

To develop this network, we identified a list of existing circumstances & activities with potential that later on became the argument for our main program. We also identified abandoned sites that we call “cavities” that became important platforms of social and recreational activities.

And finally we developed a bottom-up strategy that mediates with the existing successful projects like: parks, markets, playgrounds, tianguis, sport fields etc in order to work hand by hand with the local community.

Our urban approach embodies the cultural, social, economic, technological and environmental aspects.

TYPE 04 Research & CompetitionsSTATUS SubmittedCLIENT CDMX
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