Cancun Mixed Use Project

“Plaza Comercial Cancún” is a building that includes housing, commerce and a hotel in a plot of 1.04913 acres, the site is 10 minutes away from the touristic hotel area and Cancun’s International airport. The study of accessibility and context shed points that clearly mark the best access to the site as well as the positioning of the proposed staggered volumes: in the north, on a road with a strong traffic flow, the optimum front of public program, such as commercial and hotel are situated. Housing is located to the east on Av. Nizuc, being this an avenue with less vehicular influx and with existing residential fronts. In order to plan a mixed-use building it is necessary to understand the relationship and interaction of different spaces within the same site. In our proposal an elevated central square is intended to articulate the buildings and create a public space that overflows to all the axes of the project.

TYPE 01 ArchitectureSTATUS Ongoing CLIENT TDDA Developers
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